25 NovHow to stop advertisements on your Mi mobile?

If you own a Xiaomi device then you might have noticed that for a few months now, you might have started to see some advertisements on your mobile. These advertisements are not only in the form of banner ads but they also appear inside applications and even the settings menu. Xiaomi is a mobile manufacturer that strives to provide the best value for money smartphones that users can get but to this, they need to cut down their profit margins by a huge margin.

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These cut-offs need to be compensated in one way or the other. This is a common practice among many OEMs. Some OEMs ship devices with pre-installed bloatware applications such as UC browser, facebook, etc while Xiaomi does this by showing third party advertisements in the user’s devices. If you are tired of seeing these advertisements and want t get rid of them then this article is for you.

How to remove advertisements?

Advertisements in the Xiaomi devices can be removed in two ways. The first way is kind of an official way that Xiaomi has shared themselves for the users who don’t want to see any third-party advertisements while the other way is an unofficial way that you can use only if your device is rooted. In this article, we will explain both ways of removing advertisements from your Mi mobile & It’s as easy as creating a Mi Account.

1. Non-Root Method

This method requires you to disable advertisements separately for each app in the MIUI system. Though using this method you will not be able to remove all the advertisements as some advertisements will show up occasionally but its better than seeing an advertisement every now and then. Follow the below-given method to get rid of the unwanted advertisements from your device.

Remove System Advertisements

If you have logged into your Mi account then you can reduce the number of system-wide advertisements on your device significantly. If you are somehow locked out of your device if your Mi account is locked then you can use the Mi account unlock tool to unlock your Mi account. Most advertisements show up when you open some pre-installed applications. To remove such advertisements follow the given steps –

  1. Open Settings in your device and navigate to Settings > Additional Settings > Authorization & Revocation.
  2. Now scroll down the screen and find “MSA” and disable it.
  3. Select the “Revoke” option in the popup that follows.
  4. If you see an error “Couldn’t revoke authorization” the first time you try it then try a few times more. To solve this issue do steps 2 and 3 once again and you will see a message saying “Revoked authorization successfully”.
  5. You also need to disable personalized ad recommendations as this will stop systemwide data tracking for recommending advertisements.
  6. Goto Settings > Additional settings and scroll down and select Ad services.
  7. Disable “Personalized ad recommendations”.

Doing this should remove all the system level advertisements but Xiaomi applications such as MI browser, Mi Music, Mi Video, etc will still show ads. To remove them follow the steps given below

Remove ads from Mi Browser app

The Mi Browser app has lots of ads on the start page itself. You cant get rid of all the ads but you can reduce them to a great extent by doing these steps

  • Open the Mi Browser app.
  • Tap the three horizontal line also called the hamburger icon that is present at the bottom right corner.
  • Click on settings.
  • Select Notifications and turn them Off.
  • Return to the previous page and select Privacy & security.
  • From there disable the option that says Recommended for you.
  • Return to the previous page again and select Advanced.
  • Select Top sites order and disable the Receive recommendations option.
  • Return to the previous page and select the Set start page.
  • Select Custom and enter any URL which you want to keep as default such as http://google.com.

Doing all these steps will ensure that the Mi browser will not send any notifications containing ads and also will not show any ads on the default home page of the Mi browser which usually has lots of unremovable ads.

Remove ads from Mi Cleaner app

The worst thing is the cleaner app itself has ads. You can stop ads in the cleaner app by doing these steps –

  • Open the Cleaner app.
  • Select the settings icon present in the top right corner.
  • Click on Cleaner.
  • Scroll down a bit and disable the option that says Receive recommendations.

Remove ads from Mi Security app

You can stop ads in the Mi security app by doing these steps

  • Open the Mi security app.
  • Select the settings icon present in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down a bit and disable the option that says Receive recommendations.

Remove ads from Mi Downloads app

The downloads app will show you ads every time you try to download something or open the app. You can stop ads in the downloads app by doing these steps

  • Open the Downloads app.
  • Select the three vertical dots present in the top right corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • Click on Show recommended content.
  • You will see a popup that says “You won’t be able to view recommended sources after your turn off”, click OK.

Remove ads from Mi Music app

The music app too will bombard you with ads every now and then. To disable these ads follow the steps

  • Open the Mi Music app.
  • Select the three vertical dots present in the top right corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • Disable the option that says Recevie recommendations.

Remove ads from Mi Video app

To disable the ads in the Mi Video app follow these steps –

  • Open the Mi Video app.
  • Select the three vertical dots present in the top right corner.
  • Select Settings.
  • Disable Online recommendation.
  • Disable Push message. Doing this will prevent the Mi Video app from showing recommended videos along with your normal notifications.

Remove promoted app from MIUI folders

Many of the app folders on your home screen have promoted apps in them that are just waiting to be downloaded. You can remove these by doing these steps

  • Open any of the app folders.
  • Select the name of the folder.
  • Disable the option that says Promoted apps.

2. Using the root method

The previous method works devices that don’t have root access but the problem with that method is that it won’t stop all the advertisements from showing on your device. No matter what you do even after disabling all the options listed in the previous method you will see some ads occasionally.

The only way to completely get rid of these ads is by completely blocking them off by modifying the “Hosts” file of the device. The “Hosts” file defines the rules for the hosts that the device can access and for which the device cant access. To get rid of ads on your device using this method follow the below-given steps

  • Download the AdAway application from here. AdAway is an open-source application and its source code is available on GitHub so you can be sure that this app doesn’t do any malicious activity on your device.
  • Once the download is complete, install and open the app.
  • Once you open the app you will see a welcome dialog, skip it. Make sure you have a working internet connection and then on the main screen you will see a red button that says “Enable Ad-Blocking”, click on it.
  • The application will ask for Root access, grant the root access.
  • It will start downloading the list of hosts required for blocking the ads and once it’s completed it will ask you to restart the device, click on “Yes”.
  • The device will automatically restart, if it doesn’t, then manually restart it once.

Once your device is restarted you will notice that you will not see any advertisements anymore as AdAway will block all the servers that try to show any kind of advertisements.


No one wants to see unwanted advertisements especially when they are everywhere inside your device. Xiaomi in a measure to compensate for the low-profit margins has started showing ads on every user’s device but you can easily disable these ads following the guide given above. Using the rooted method is the best option to disable any ads whatsoever but if you don’t have a rooted device you can also follow the non-root method which also works fine.

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