27 FebChatbot brings wave of excitement to cruise firm as revenues surge 20%

Travel agent company Infinity Cruises has seen its monthly revenues rise by around 20%, thanks to its newest member of staff – a digital agent called AMI.

Infinity, established in 2009, teamed up with AI conversational specialist firm Meet AMI back in January of this year, with a view of increasing its level of customer service, but also to help generate more leads for its ‘human’ staff.

“We wanted a digital receptionist, working 24/7,” the firms Sales & Marketing Director Jamel Bettayeb told Access AI.

AMI, which stands for ‘Automated, Motivated, Interactive,’ is deigned to link to a company website and then learn to read and understand the contents. In doing so, AMI is able to provide reliable assistance to online customers, answering questions for new and existing customers, with an aim of generating new sales leads.

“I didn’t know what to fully expect at the beginning,” added Bettayeb. “After the initial learning phase and Ami getting use to our site, we were really impressed by the speed in which she learns, and have been very satisfied with the way it’s improved over the past six-months or so. It’s had an instant impact.”

AMI, according to its founder Lawrence Turner, is being trialled in BETA with 15 other companies at present, all of which operate in the travel industry.

He claims the service can be installed onto any website, and is as “simple” as setting up Google Analytics, with minimal training required.

Examples of services offered by AMI, include; searching and checking availability, sending customers emails, making calendar appointments, sending out quotes and brochures, connect a customer to a human instantly when additional information is deemed necessary.

“No technical expertise is required at all,” explained Turner. “No prior knowledge of AI is needed either.

“For now, our focus is on travel. We are looking to use AMI in areas where there are complex conversations. Travel is a great example for that. That said, there are lots of different industries we will look to unleash AMI upon. We’re not going for a scatter-gun approach from the beginning.”

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