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25 NovHow to stop advertisements on your Mi mobile?

If you own a Xiaomi device then you might have noticed that for a few months now, you might have started to see some advertisements on your mobile. These advertisements are not only in the form of banner ads but they also appear inside applications and even the settings menu. Xiaomi is a mobile manufacturer […]

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24 NovHow many stores does Wegmans have?


Wegmans is not just a name or a brand, it is like a temple for Americans who work in private companies. You must be knowing Wegmans as the best grocery store in America or as a company that provides amazing perks to its employees. But do you know how Wegmans started? When it was started? […]

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11 Mar“Let’s move past the hype cycle” surrounding AI, say medical experts

Machine learning (ML), applied in the field of medicine, is “situated at the peak of inflated expectations”, wrote Stanford professors of medicine Jonathan Chen and Steven Asch, in an article published this Thursday for the New England Journal of Medicine. Chen and Asch called for a “stronger appreciation of the technology’s capabilities and limitations”, to […]

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05 MarThe AI conductor: machine learning on machine learning by Veritone

Veritone, a company which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to gain actionable insights from unstructured data like video and audio, announced last week that their system, Conductor, is operating at 82% accuracy, as opposed to the previous best of 75%. This success may herald a new dawn for Veritone, who announced their concerns over whether they […]

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27 FebChatbot brings wave of excitement to cruise firm as revenues surge 20%

Travel agent company Infinity Cruises has seen its monthly revenues rise by around 20%, thanks to its newest member of staff – a digital agent called AMI. Infinity, established in 2009, teamed up with AI conversational specialist firm Meet AMI back in January of this year, with a view of increasing its level of customer […]

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22 FebMore turmoil for Uber as founder Kalanic bows to pressure and quits

Uber has confirmed its CEO and founder Travis Kalanick has quit his position with immediate effect. The news comes amid several other high-profile departures in recent months, as well as complaints from drivers accusing the company of using AI o undercut driver pay and accusations from a former engineer of sexual harassment. According to reports, […]

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